Asbestos in schools statement. Michael Hilarion

In response to an enquiry from BBC Scotland, Michael Hilarion, Service Manager, Asset and Facilities, East Ayrshire Council said:

“Schools built post 2000 contain no asbestos due to the ban on its use.

“For schools built pre year 2000 we have:

  • 5 Secondary schools and 31 Primary/ECCs with confirmed elements of asbestos in them.
  • 5 Primarys that were constructed pre 2000 have no confirmed asbestos identified in them to date but are regarded as assumed to contain asbestos.  

“All our schools have asbestos management plans which are implemented in line with HSE guidelines, control of asbestos regulations, code of practice etc. Those school buildings which have been identified as containing with identified asbestos are re-inspected annually to monitor the condition of all Asbestos Containing Materials and check for any deterioration.

“Our extensive school replacement programme, has seen buildings with higher asbestos content, such as the former James Hamilton, replaced with modern buildings. (It is now incorporated, together with Kilmarnock Academy, the Gaelic school and numerous primary units in the new McIlvanney campus, and the old building will shortly be demolished.

“Above and beyond that we also have an underpinning asbestos removal programme, whereby we actively remove known asbestos content from schools and corporate buildings where it is practical to do so – for example, removing asbestos tiles from ceilings and floors, sink pads, accessible AIB paneling etc.

“We have dedicated a maintenance officer to the role overseeing our asbestos management plans.“