Cllr Cogley, HT Derek Forsyth, Cllr Campbell, Teacher Cleo Roy, Ivan Craig, Cllr McMahon and Bob McCulloch, Interim Head of Housing and Communities with Khali, Owen and Ellie

Fun hedgehog cartoon has serious message about litter

Three little hedgehogs, Spike, Prickles and Haggis, are going to help children across East Ayrshire learn about the environment and the importance of not littering, thanks to a fun cartoon with a very serious message.

The cartoon, which was inspired by Councillor Sally Cogley, Chair of the Council’s Clean, Green and Vibrant Member Officer Working Group; was developed in partnership with Hillhead Primary School, Cleaner Communities, Vibrant Communities and Ayrshire artist, Ivan Craig.

Teacher Cleo Roy developed the script for the video, which was narrated by teacher Louise Kerr and Ellie, Khali and Owen from P3, who did a wonderful job voicing the hedgehogs who visit their local park on a sunny day and find it full of litter. Through the cartoon, the hedgehogs take children on a journey to show that our beautiful green spaces should be litter free and the importance of acting responsibly so that we can all be happy, healthy and enjoy our local area.

Councillor Sally Cogley, who visited Hillhead Primary with Councillor Fiona Campbell, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning and Councillor Jim McMahon, Cabinet Member for Older People and Community Safety, said: “The cartoon is even better than I could have ever imagined. The artist Ivan Craig brought all of the characters to life and Ellie, Khali and Owen did a wonderful job, with teacher Cleo Roy and Lucinda McGovern from Vibrant Communities, ensuring that the cartoon is engaging and informative for children.

“It is fun and brings a smile, but it has a very serious and hard-hitting message. Litter is affecting our lives in such a negative way; it harms animals, can attract vermin and damages our environment. We all need to follow the example of our hedgehogs in disposing of our litter and dog waste so that we are respectful of our communities.”

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