Galston PS Pupil Council at Galston library

Galston Primary carry out secret mission at local library

The Pupil Council from Galston Primary accepted a secret mission recently, which was designed to encourage children and young people to visit their local library.

The team from the school, led by P4/5 teacher Mrs McKenzie, visited Galston library with golden tickets that they hid inside books within the children’s section. There will be a prize for those who find a golden ticket and can talk about the book that the ticket was in.

Head Teacher, Shona Murphy said: “The Pupil Council took their secret mission very seriously and had a good look around, carefully choosing the best books to hide the golden tickets in. We will be handing out a wee prize to anyone that finds a golden ticket and can talk about the book they found it in.

“Reading and encouraging a lifelong love of books is so important. Books can transport us to different times and different worlds and we want all our children and young people to enjoy reading. What better way to encourage reading than visiting a local library.”

Councillor Elaine Cowan, Cabinet Spokesperson for Lifelong Learning, Education and Skills and Culture said: “This is a wonderful initiative. Well done to the Pupil Council for carrying out their secret mission and to the school for encouraging our children and young people to really treasure books.”