Kilmarnock Bus Station work progressing well

Work is still progressing well on the refurbishment of Kilmarnock Bus Station with a new Changing Places toilet set to open soon which is one of the first to be located within a Scottish bus station.

The Changing Places toilet goes one step further than a standard accessible toilet by providing more space and the right equipment for people with disabilities, including a height-adjustable changing bench, a ceiling hoist and a peninsular toilet which has space on either side of the WC.

Operational procedures are currently being finalised and an official launch is planned to take place in the near future.

Phase 1 of the refurbishment works at the bus station have now been completed which included stripping out and reconstructing the waiting room, ticket counter and Shopmobility office. The Shopmobility service has now returned to permanent operation after being restricted due to the pandemic.

Phase 2 of the refurbishment project is currently being carried out by City Gate Construction Ltd. This part of the project involves improvements to the pedestrian footway link into the station from London Road, the installation of improved signage on the Burns Mall and Foregate elevations and also the re-pitching and replacement of an existing roof over the Stagecoach office corridor on the Foregate side of the building.

The third and final phase of the refurbishment programme will involve the complete refurbishment of the station concourse, roof and north entrance. Real time passenger information units will be installed at each stance, all surfaces will be replaced, weather screens will be installed at the front of the stances and the roof will be extended.

Additional bench seating will also be installed at the front of the stances and the perch seating installed within the recesses towards the rear of the concourse will also be replaced. Design work has started on all of this and it’s hoped that work will begin on phase 3 in February 2022.

Councillor Douglas Reid, Cabinet Spokesperson for Community Wealth Building and Regeneration, said: “It’s fantastic to see work progressing well at the bus station, and we are particularly pleased that the Changing Places toilet will soon be open. Anyone with disabilities who is visiting the bus station will be able to use the new toilets safely and comfortably, and we hope that they will make a real difference to those who require these facilities.

“We’re also excited to see phase 2 under way and look forward to seeing the final phase start early next year. Once all of the work is complete, the bus station will be in keeping with all of the regeneration work which is bringing so many great improvements to Kilmarnock Town Centre.”