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Major road resurfacing projects are underway

East Ayrshire’s £7m ambitious road and bridge improvement programme is now underway.

The roads infrastructure is one of the Council’s most valuable assets and is vital to the area’s economic well-being, contributing significantly to the local economy and regeneration.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance’s Roads Maintenance Unit Section has designed a road-resurfacing programme covering 65km of local roads, which will ensure that resurfacing work focuses on the roads most affected by defects, potholes and surface fragmentation.

Teams will be resurfacing substantial stretches of road; moving away from temporary repairs. At the start of the month, resurfacing took place on over 6.4km of road on the C97 at Skares and the C61 at Ochiltree.  

On Monday 3 June, the team will move to the C77 in Galston where the full length of road will be resurfaced. On Monday 10 June, they will move to the C76 at Lawersbridge where the full length of road will be resurfaced. On Monday 17 June, the team will move to Mauchline for a three-week period, where they will be resurfacing 400 metres of Station Road, 250 metres of Alexander Terrace, 300 metres of Hamilton Avenue and 80 metres of Auld Avenue.

The Ayrshire Roads Alliance, on behalf of East Ayrshire Council, would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these essential works.