Members’ Allowances and Expenses 2023/2024

East Ayrshire Council has published information on Councillors' remuneration, Allowances and Expenses that were paid to Councillors during financial year 2023/2024.

Under the Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004 (Remuneration) Amendment Regulations 2023, there are four levels of remuneration payments for Councillors depending on the responsibilities of the Councillor. These are Leader of the Council, Provost, Senior Councillor and Councillor. A Senior Councillor is a Councillor who holds a significant position of responsibility in the Council’s political management structure. All other Councillors, other than the Leader of the Council and the Provost, will receive the basic remuneration as prescribed by the Regulations. Remuneration is subject to income tax and national insurance deductions.

The Council has also published the amount of expenses reimbursed to Councillors. These include travel expenses, subsistence expenses and telephone allowances. The level of allowances is set by regulation and represents reasonable reimbursement of actual amounts incurred by Councillors in carrying out their Council duties.

It is appropriate for Councils to provide necessary equipment such as mobile phones and broadband facilities to allow Councillors to carry out their duties. Costs for such facilities are met directly by the Council but require to be published as a cost against the relevant Councillor.

The expenses incurred by each Councillor vary depending on a number of factors including the distance they live from Council Headquarters, the area covered by their ward and attendance at meetings of external bodies.

When Councillors use their own cars for Council business they are also entitled to reasonable reimbursement for their out of pocket expenses, in accordance with the Regulations. In addition, costs associated with travel to approved conferences may have been met by the Council but require to be recorded as a cost to the relevant Councillor. The Council provides transportation for Councillors carrying out approved duties. Transportation is also provided to the Provost and Depute Provost in respect of their Civic Ceremonial duties on behalf of the Council. Costs for all such transportation, which include employee costs, are met directly by the Council but require to be published as a cost against the relevant Councillor.

The element of a Councillor’s telephone bill that relates directly to their duties as a Councillor is also reimbursed. Again, this varies from Councillor to Councillor, depending on the amount of Council business that they conduct by telephone.

The Council has also published details of the various training courses attended.

Details of the payments to each Councillor are available at Council Headquarters, Kilmarnock, KA3 7BU or members of the public can request their own copy of the information by calling 01563 576138. Any member of the public who has access to the internet can also view this information in full on the Council’s website at

Note to Editor – the list of Members’ Allowances and Expenses for 2023/2024 is attached.