New East Ayrshire forum established for tenants and residents

East Ayrshire Housing Services is looking at new ways of receiving feedback from tenants and residents on how the service is managed and delivered.

A range of opportunities have been developed to encourage more tenants and residents to get involved, have their say and influence decisions that affect individuals and local communities.

The Housing Service has established a new forum, in partnership with the East Ayrshire Federation of Tenants and Residents, for tenants and residents who are interested in housing matters and are willing to give up a bit of time to complete regular consultations, which will be either issued by post or held online.

Anyone that uses East Ayrshire Housing Services can become a member; if you are interested, you just need to fill out a short survey providing some information about you and housing topics that you are interested in. There is no obligation for members of the forum to fill out any consultations issued but feedback would be greatly appreciated. Forum members will also be asked if they would be interested in attending events or group discussions, again there is no obligation on members to join a group or attend events.

Blair Millar, Head of Housing and Communities said: “East Ayrshire Housing Services is committed to tenant participation. We understand that listening to what people have to say helps improve the service that we deliver. Anyone that uses our Housing Services can join the new forum and membership is on a voluntary basis.

“The Council has been working in partnership with East Ayrshire Federation of Tenants and Residents for over 10 years and almost all of our tenant participation and scrutiny activities are led by the Federation. This work will continue and the Federation will work closely with forum members.

“Tenant participation benefits everyone and we would really appreciate any time or support that you are willing to give. It will make a difference.”

You can find more information online

To become a part of the journey please complete the online survey