Regional  (List) results for Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley Constituency

Eddie Fraser, Returning Officer for Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley Constituency announced the results of the Regional (List) vote. 

Turnout 61.6%

Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party 137

Alba Party 636

All for Unity 706

Freedom Alliance – Integrity, Society, Economy 61

Independent Green Voice 223

Reform UK 86

Scotia Future 23

Official Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 8781

Scottish Family Party 177

Official Scottish Green Party 2017

Scottish Labour Party 8199

Scottish Liberal  Democrats 868

Scottish Libertarian Party 89

 Scottish National Party (SNP) 18649

UK Independence Party (UKIP) 57

Vanguard Party 11

Ballot papers rejected 55

The Regional Returning Officer (Chief Executive of Dumfries and Galloway Council) will announce the South of Scotland regional list results on Saturday 8 May. Seven candidates will be elected.

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