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Changes to town centre parking tariffs coming soon

Parking charges in and around Kilmarnock town centre are set to change, following an extensive review of on-street and off-street arrangements, and a number of proposals were approved by East Ayrshire councillors at a meeting of Cabinet earlier this week.  

The changes, which will see some tariffs reducing whilst others incur a small increase, have been informed by data drawn down from the digital parking machines in and around the town centre, providing details of the most popular parking durations, locations and price points.

The new tariffs will more accurately reflect current demand and encourage greater usage of parking facilities across the town, whilst offering affordable parking solutions.

Summary of changes

Changes to on-street parking include the following:

  • removal of 15 minute intervals for on-street parking
  • 30 minute on-street parking will increase to £1.00
  • 1 hour on-street parking will cost £1.50
  • 1 hour 30 minutes will cost £2.00
  • 2 hours maximum on-street parking will cost £2.50

Changes to off-street parking include the following:

  • 1 hour and 2 hour options will cost £1.30 and £2.30 respectively
  • 4 hour stay will reduce to £3.00
  • stays lasting over four hours will cost no more than £4.00
  • previous all day fee of £8.00 will no longer apply

(Applies to: East George St, Foregate North Foregate South, Sturrock St West, Queen St (M&S) Princes St, Fowlds St, St Marnock St, St Marnock Pl, Nelson St, Waterside St, Grange St and Portland Road).

Changes to the popular longer stay car parks at Sturrock St East, Titchfield St and Portland Road will include a new four hour tariff of £1.50 and all day option of £2.00, and this will also apply to the new car park at London Road.  

Members also approved the re-introduction of charges for off-street parking on a Saturday morning (between 9am and 12 noon) on a pilot basis. This will be reviewed after a period of 12 months to assess how this impacts on traders, all day worker/commuter parking and the turnover of parking bays for short term shoppers and visitors to the town. Parking in the town centre will remain free after 5pm each weekday, Saturday after 12 noon and all day Sunday.

Quarterly and annual parking permit arrangements have also been revised, with a new permit option being introduced for inner ring car parks, whilst permit options for others will be withdrawn.

Councillor Jim McMahon, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Housing, Transport and Communities said:

“These revised parking arrangements will be very welcome and will help to simplify arrangements for workers, shoppers and visitors alike. We’ve not increased the charges for on-street parking since 2017 and these changes reflect the high demand for short term on-street parking in the town centre.

“By offering town centre workers and commuters affordable longer stay options in designated car parks, this should also free up on-street parking availability for short stay visitors and shoppers who are critical for the local economy and our town centre regeneration prospects. Parking permits, where available, still offer a substantial discount and represent excellent value for money.

“It’s also worth highlighting that the Designer Rooms offer free parking for two hours at their car park at Queen Street (south), with additional hours available at £1 per hour. This all contributes to affordable car parking provision in and around our town centre.”

Councillors also considered arrangements for the Rugby Park catchment area, which were introduced to help tackle indiscriminate parking in residential areas on match days. The catchment area for these restrictions has been extended by way of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO), which will be valid for the next 18 months. Councillors asked for this to be monitored and agreed a full public consultation on the arrangements in a year’s time, allowing for arrangements to bed-in during the new football season.  Officers from Ayrshire Roads Alliance will continue to review existing restrictions to identify required amendments.

The new parking tariffs will come into effect later this summer.

Read the full report.