Cllrs Cowan, Barton and McKay enjoy a Christmas school lunch

Christmas lunch was ho-ho-whole lot of fun

Hurlford Primary School gave a warm, festive welcome to Councillors Graham Barton, Elaine Cowan and Maureen McKay who joined the school for their Christmas lunch, prepared and served by Catering Services.

Catering Services are serving delicious two-course Christmas lunches in schools across East Ayrshire, using fresh and locally sourced quality ingredients. At Hurlford the team also dressed in Christmas outfits to add to the festive spirit and the children and young people thought that was brilliant.

Councillor Barton, Spokesperson for Planning, Property and Environment said: “I was delighted to join Head Teacher Mrs Campbell and the Catering Services team for Christmas lunch with Councillor Cowan, Councillor McKay and all the children and young people. The Christmas dinner was delicious - Santa hats off to the Catering Services team and we all really enjoyed sitting chatting with the young people from P7, who pretty much all cleared their plates.

“As Environment spokesperson I was also delighted to see the children and young people recycling their food waste as part of their normal lunchtime routine. There wasn’t a huge amount of food wasted, but there were a few brussel sprouts being recycled. I was really encouraged that the children and young people understood the importance of recycling food and they were knowledgeable about the fact that their food would be turned into energy. It is a good reminder for us all, especially at Christmas when we will have more leftover food than normal to recycle our food waste and help tackle the climate emergency.”