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East Ayrshire gears up for LDP3

When East Ayrshire Council planners gained approval for their Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) in March, they said they were immediately starting work on their next plan.  And true to their word, Cabinet has just just agreed their next steps in creating LDP3, which will eventually supersede the current plans.

To start the process, Cabinet agreed to the publication of a Development Plan Scheme (DPS) 2024, which sets out the Council’s timetable and consultation methods for preparation of the new LDP.

The LDP process is designed to look at every aspect of planning and development in East Ayrshire, working with local communities and businesses to make sure decisions made about the built and natural landscape are appropriate, environmentally friendly, and help meet the Councils’ goals for net zero targets,  and building community wealth and wellbeing. 

Alongside the plan, supplementary guidance is used to cover specific areas which is drawn up in consultation with communities, local stakeholders and business to create development by and for the people. This guidance will also set out how future development will help to protect fragile and historic environments and create services and infrastructure to promote and sustain health, wellbeing and prosperity.

To start the process, the team will be running a consultation on a participation statement – designed to make sure that they use the most appropriate and preferred means of communication during all their consultations. This will run from May 24 to 21 June.

Also on 24 May, the team will start consulting on seven pieces of guidance to support the recently adopted LDP2 – this will run until 21 June. 

The seven guidance documents cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Housing in the Countryside
  • Local Landscape areas
  • Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas
  • Energy and EV Charging
  • Local Nature Conservation Sites
  • Strategic Woodland Creation
  • Employment and Skills Training Plan

Welcoming the reports, Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader, East Ayrshire Council said:

“The future of planning decisions in East Ayrshire is very much a collaborative effort.  It’s in our DNA as an organisation to put people at the heart of everything we do, and the process for compiling our Local Development Plans is no different.

“That’s why we’re starting to consult with the public as soon as we have our supplementary guidance documents ready and at the inception of LDP3. We know that local input is vital when we’re taking decisions which affect daily life for everyone who lives and works here."

Councillor Graham Barton, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Planning, Property and Environment said:

“Since our first Local Development Plan, both Scottish Government legislation and our own methods have changed considerably. We're excited about some of the sound, joined-up thinking which has brought about our current plans and guidance which will inform our future direction with LDP3.

“Among the changes is an emphasis on aspects such as encouraging woodland creation, protecting our valuable landscapes and supporting renewable energy as part of our drive to achieve net zero.

“For the first time ever our housing in the countryside document presents a new approach to supporting housing in our rural areas, with the identification of rural clusters for small scale development – we want to know whether people agree with their locations or have other suggestions. 

“We’ll be rolling out further guidance documents over the coming months and encourage everyone to keep an eye on our webpages."

View the Cabinet reports

Development Plan Scheme 2024 

Local Development Plan 2 - Re-Adoption of Non-Statutory Planning Guidance 

Local Development Plan 2 - Supplementary Guidance and Non-Statutory Planning Guidance  

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