Letter to parent/carers about subsidised school transport

Dear Parent/Carer,

Following on from the above noted paper and recommendations that were presented at Cabinet this morning, Wednesday 28 June 2023, I write to advise you that Cabinet has agreed to the continuation of the subsidised school transport service in its present form until the concerns and issues that have been raised around the paper have been addressed in full.

In the new term, wider consultation on the proposals around subsidised transport will commence fully, alongside the continuation of the ongoing promotion of active travel across the authority. I trust that this information is helpful in the meantime, in that there will be no change to the current provision of subsidised transport in August 2023.

By way of further reminder, and if you have not already done so, could I ask that you please submit your child’s application for the service at the earliest opportunity by using the link below.

School transport · East Ayrshire Council (east-ayrshire.gov.uk)

Yours faithfully

Kevin Braidwood
Head of Roads – Ayrshire Roads Alliance