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Planning in East Ayrshire moves forward with approval of new Local Development Plan 2

Planning decisions in East Ayrshire will now focus more clearly on improving infrastructure, following good design practices, tackling climate change and creating healthier environments for people and nature, thanks to the Council’s adoption of its new Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2).

As the blueprint for planning guidance and decision making, LDP2 will influence development of land use change all across East Ayrshire for the next five years, in accordance with the statutory rules from the Scottish Government.

Key highlights of the plan, which was compiled following lengthy consultations with public, communities, business, partner organisations and the Scottish Government, include an emphasis on an “infrastructure first” approach. With particular regard to housing developments, the plan makes sure that infrastructure is in place to support new schemes.

The plan also backs up the Council’s ambitions, with policies on new areas such as supporting the Ayrshire Growth Deal, embedding Community Wealth Building into any development, and enabling the regeneration of vacant and derelict land.

Every settlement in East Ayrshire is mapped, with areas for development opportunities and protection from development clearly demarcated. These maps have been drawn up in consultation with local communities, statutory agencies, environmental groups and developers.

Commenting on the plan Councillor Douglas Reid, Leader, East Ayrshire Council said: “LDP2 marks a significant evolution in our planning processes.  The plan’s sensible community and environmentally friendly guidelines, should help those who work and live here to have a say, influence, create and shape the future of our landscape.

“With the joined up thinking behind LDP2, which puts placemaking at the heart of decision making, we can be confident that sensitive areas are protected. At the same time places  in need of attention, and those which are ripe for development can also be exploited in the best way possible to help boost the local economy, safeguard the environment and improve wellbeing and quality of life for all who work, visit and make their lives here.

“And the team behind LDP2 is not resting there, they are already turning their minds to LDP3 which will be a “new style” plan informed by changes introduced in the Scottish Government’s new Planning (Scotland) Act 2019. We’ll be starting our consultations and community engagement on this later in the year.”